Five-a-side friendly match between the companies OJSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” and OJSC “Freight One” (FO) took place last weekend.


Two teams of “SP SPb” - “Portovik” and “Sea Port” and two teams of FO –“Gruzilo” (head office of FO, Moscow) and “Nevskiy legion” (Saint-Petersburg branch of the company) participated in competitions. The game was arranged at the initiative and with the financial assistance of of trade union of FO and its leader Michael Tsidilin. 


At the stadium “Nova Arena” the teams had three round matches each: played “each with each”. During games the teams scored points which determined who was qualified for the final. The best results were achieved by teams “Gruzilo” and “Portovik”-they were fighting for the first place. The match ended 8:0 for FO. “Portovik” was second.


One of the tensest monuments of the tournament turned to be competition for bronze medal. Chances of teams “Sea Port” and “Nevskiy Legion” were equal. However the match ended 2:0 for the port. Konstantin Prokhorov, the keeper of “SP SPb”, played excellently and didn’t miss any of attacks of the opponent. As the result the team “Sea Port” came third. 


Deputy General Director of FO for Human Resources and Social Policy  Sergey Senin and Human Resources Director of “SP SPb” Victoria Zinchenko handed the Cup over to the winner and the second and the third places were awarded by the medals.  


At the awarding ceremony the football players of “SP SPb” received additional prizes-golden football boots. Ilya Poleshchenko-the captain of the team “Sea Port” was declared  the best player of the competitions, and Maksim Popov from “Portovik” was named the best keeper for his will to win. Third prize was given to Alexander Bulgakov from Moscow who became the top goal scorer. 


Sergey Senin noted that these competitions laid the basis for traditions of corporate sport. “Now not only professionalism but also strength, will to win, cohesion will become a calling card of the companies. I would like to thank the players for their skills, wonderful game and the providers for the arrangement of this meeting. Hope that next year the other companies of the holding will join us”, – he said.


Michael Tsidilin, the Head of primary trade union of FO thanked all the participants of the football tournament.  “Football tournament  is not only a sporting event but also an efficient way to consolidate the employees of one holding. Football tournament among the teams is not only a sporting event but an efficient way of consolidation of the employees of one holding. Tournament went off in a friendly atmosphere, especially want to thank the spectators who very actively supported not only their team but all the participants of the tournament. Hope for a new meeting in Saint-Petersburg next year”.


“Our team started to play much better and we have many new active players-we even managed to form two teams - Ilya Poteshchenko explained after the game. Participation in the tournament is an excellent experience. When you play with strong opponents you want achieve more, train more frequently. My team came third. I think that we won due  to the character- we wanted to become the best so we went for the battle more often, played slightly harder than opponents. The other team of the port with the captain Alexander Pavlov was second. It’s fairly obvious as the Moscow FO was much stronger. Although all were glad to be second-everything is fair. Such competitions are needed, let them become a tradition. As far as I am concerned the tournament aroused many emotions-I didn’t expect to become the top player. It’s pleasant”.


David Arabachan the captain of Moscow FO team also shared his feelings. “We were going to Saint-Petersburg anxiously as we didn’t know our opponents for the games. As the result we turned to be a little bit stronger than the rest. We would like to meet with our colleagues further at least once a year and in different cities. Let the other teams join us, even if the team is unexperienced, the main thing is the desire to play. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.”


“Would like to note that there were no personal injuries during the competitions– it proves that it was an honest and fair play” – summarized Ivan Sidenkov, the arbiter of the competitions.


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