As part of its technical upgrading programme, Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg JSC (SP SP) has put into operation new portal crane Vityaz costing over EUR 3.5 million. During its first shift the crane handled more than 300 tonnes of aluminum.


Maximum lifting capacity of the crane is 40 tonnes with a boom reach of up to 32 meters. Vityaz cranes are the latest generation handling equipment intended for handling all types of cargo in grab/hook/magnet/spreader modes. Replacement of load handling devices does not take longer than 30 minutes.


“The crane will operate on Berths No 5-7, in the First District of Big Port St. Petersburg, - explains Vitaly Zavolovsky, Chief Mechanic of SP SPb. – With the new equipment we are going to enhance labor efficiency and speed up cargo handling process.”


The Vityaz crane is fitted with a regenerative breaking system able to convert the energy of the electric hoisting mechanism to redirect it to other mechanisms or return the excess energy to the electrical grid. That saves up to 20-30% of the crane’s rated power.


To ensure safe loading/unloading operations the crane is equipped with a current data control and logging devices. The crane’s diagnostic system provides for an on-line control of the technical state during the operation process.


Additional safety is ensured by crash sensors fixed to carriers and preventing possible collision with other cranes operating on the same rail-track. The Vityaz crane is covered with fire-resistant materials.


To make working conditions comfortable the cabin is also equipped with silent operation ventilation and heating system ensuring comfortable temperature in any weather conditions. The cabin features a panoramic view while window film and sunscreens keep the light from entering the cabin.


The operator’s workspace design meets the modern ergonomic requirements. The seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. It is fitted with two self-centering control joysticks allowing for combining of working motions.

Dock workers of SP SPb duly appreciate the new equipment.


“I used to operate almost all cranes in the port but still felt a little nervous before starting the unloading, – admits crane operator Andrey Danilov who was the first to test the new crane. – Mastering the Vityaz was a very interesting process due to its state-of-the-art equipment. It is very comfortable and runs smoothly.”


In the first half of 2019, SP SPb is going to put into operation one more Vityaz crane with similar technical characteristics. Due to the upgrading programme, the fleet of crane equipment will number 41 units in the second quarter of 2019.


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