In 2015 OJSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” (SP SPb) transferred 48.7 mln Rubles for the implementation of social programme which exceeds by 38% the figures of 2014. 

Main part of funds the company transferred for support of employees and their families. SP SPb reimbursed expenses of employees for medical services, resort treatment, visits to sport establishments. Families with many children and incomplete families received financial assistance. Port also reimbursed to its employees part of the cost of children vouchers to recreation camps during school holidays and made payments to the parents of first-graders. 

Non-working pensioners and employees who were granted rank “Veteran of Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” received quarterly payments from the company.  Veterans also received holiday payments dedicated to the Day of Lifting the Nazi Siege from Leningrad, Victory Day and Day of Workers of Sea and River Fleet. Employees who were having a jubilee and active representatives of veteran’s organization of the company received additional financial bonuses.

In 2015 SP SPb arranged educational excursions for children of employees. In spring children visited aquarium where learned a lot about inhabitants of underwater world. In autumn they had a trip aboard the motor vessel along Sea Canal nearby the port berths of the First and the Second areas of the port. After trips and visits all the participants received souvenirs and presents.

For several decades SP SPb has been supporting Saint-Petersburg orphanage Nr.10. In the first half of 2015  the company purchased new furniture, sports equipment and made repairs of bedrooms and play rooms in the orphanage.   

Traditionally on the eve of New Year children of employees of OJSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” and children from the orphanage under guardianship of the company received New Year presents from the company.  This year the company gave presents to 486 children.

The other area of social policy of JSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” is rendering support to children’s shooting sport in Saint-Petersburg. The company transfers funds for the development of sport shooting club “Oliempiets”, which has also Center for preparation of young sportsmen where children can be trained shooting free-of-charge.

In 2015 года 693 employees of SP SPb participated in professional development programme – which exceeds by  2.5 times the figure of 9 months of 2014.

Besides, the company arranged practical training for students of specialized educational establishments. In particular, 60 students of College of State University of Sea and River Fleet named after admiral S.O. Makarov and Saint-Petersburg Fishing Industry College got “tallyman” qualification, 26 students of State University named after admiral S.O. Makarov got qualification – “repairman of handling equipment” and 14 – “electrician of handling equipment” .

OJSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” – is the largest operator, rendering services on handling of all types of dry cargoes in the Greater Port of Saint-Petersburg.  It operates by modern multipurpose specialized terminals for handling of general and bulk cargoes and specialized terminals for ro-ro cargoes. In 2015 the turnover of the company amounted to 7.9 mln tons.

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