In 2008 JSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” transferred about 40 mln. rubles for the implementation of social projects.

10 mln. rubles were transferred to target funds earmarked for the social support of the personnel.  Main part of these funds was used for reimbursement of expenses for medical care (including resort treatment) and vacations of the employees (over 3,3 mln. rub.); arrangement of sport and cultural events (about 670 thous. rubles).
Each year the group of companies organizes summer vacation in summer camp “Mayak” and purchases New Year presents for children of port workers. In 2008 the group of companies spent for this over 2.5 mln. rubles.

The existing collective labour agreements envisage rendering of various benefits, compensations and financial assistance for port personnel.

15 mln. rubles were transferred for financial assistance to port employees, including single mothers and families with many children. Port works closely with Veteran’s council. Each quarter former employees of the company receive allowances. In 2008 4.6 mln. rubles were transferred for these purposes.

The company transferred 3 mln. rubles to pay bonuses for public holidays and employees’ anniversaries.

Port employees and their families have the opportunity to purchase vouchers to vacation facility “Mayak” at discounted prices. 7 mln. rubles were transferred for reconstruction of this facility.  Gym, summer canteen, amenity premises and living quarters have been renovated.

For 2 decades JSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” has rendered assistance to orphanage No.10 of Kirovskiy district. Over 550 thousand rubles were transferred for capital renovation of the building and equipment of the premises, purchase of the furniture, sport equipment, home appliances and New Year presents for the orphanage children.

At the moment the amount of employees in the group of companies exceeds 3.5 thousand people. In 2008 the company won the Fourth All-russian Contest “Best Personnel Service of Russia”. According to the results of poll carried out in the group  of companies 78% of respondents consider it important that they work in the company which observes the regulations of taх and labour legislation, fulfils the obligations of collective labour agreement and improves working conditions.
The group of companies values experience and professional skills of the personnel. The salary of employees is constantly increasing. Nowadays the average salary of the dockers amounts to 40 thousand rubles. Average salary of the employees of the group of companies amounts to 35 thousand rubles.
Working conditions and personnel encouragement system are continuously improving. In order to smooth the adjustment process and quicken the training of new employees JSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” approved the regulations “On guardianship”. According to these regulations experienced employees who take under their patronage young workers receive additional payment.
In order to encourage the best employees JSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” established the company’s award – gold and silver badges of honor. Badge of honor is given together with the diploma and cash bonus.

Director’s office on public relations

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