On the territory of the Fourth Stevedoring company the construction of the first stage of the Sea Container terminal is still continued. New equipment is being delivered to the terminal.

On October 22, 2009 new shipment lot of rubber-tyred gantry cranes  (RTG) for handling of 20, 30, 40, 45-feet containers was delivered. These cranes were preliminarily accepted by the specialists of the port in the Finnish city – Hanko. The specialists of JSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” checked the compliance of the manufactured cranes with the specification under the delivery contract. At the present time 8 RTG (out of 10) have been delivered to the terminal.  

Since October lectures for STS and RTG operators have been given in the premises of Marine Recruiting Agency (part of the group of the companies “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg”). The installation works related to the crane simulator (STS, RMG, RTG types of cranes) are being carried out. Later on the basis of this crane simulator there will be arranged specialized practical lessons for  the workers of container terminal.

At present the basis for the area of 120 000 sq. m. is ready. On October 15, 2009 the workers started to pave this area with the operational pavement (wear-proof combination of cement, asphalt and concrete), called  “Densiphalt”. At the landside part of the terminal the metal structures for refrigerated racking system are being mounted. New transformer substations Nr.1 and Nr. 2 have been constructed. The construction of distribution substation has been started. And pit for the terminal treatment facilities has been dug out.  

On the berth Nr. 101 B new crane rails are being constructed. Later in November of 2009 when the crane rails are ready, the first shipment lot of two STSs will be delivered.

Delivery of STSs, RTGs, fork-lift trucks, terminal tractors, reach-stackers for empty containers, trailers and auxiliary equipment is planned for the period before the 1 quarter of 2010.

Reference: The group of companies JSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” includes CJSC “First Stevedoring Company”, CJSC “Second Stevedoring Company”, CJSC “Third Stevedoring company”, CJSC “Fourth Stevedoring Company”, “Universal Handling Facility” in Ust-Luga  and a number of service companies.

The construction of the first stage of container terminal with the annual capacity of 350 000 TEU on the basis of the former handling capacities for coal, aluminium silica, scrap metals and timber cargoes started in 2008 within the development programme of the group of companies “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” and at the present time is being carried out 24 x 7.

Crane simulator with the cost of 14 mln. rubles will make it possible to practice actual crane operations being carried out in different conditions, even in critical situations, for example, in case of emergency stop, emergency lowering, overloading and in strong wind conditions. Automatic Evaluation System of the trainees, provided in the simulator will make it possible to increase the qualification of the specialists and the labour efficiency.  

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