Protection of nature has always been a focal point for JSC “Sea Port of Saint Petersburg” (SP SPb). 

Environmental policy of SP SPb determines the strategy of how the ecological safety of the operations is achieved.

Main principles of the environmental policy

  • mitigation of the adverse impact of operations; the most rational utilization of natural sources and preserving favorable environment for the succeeding generations, while pursuing the objectives of sustainable development of SP SPb;
  • social responsibility for the environmental health;
  • taking actions to ensure the ecological safety of the operations and to mitigate the adverse impact on the environment;
  • compliance with the regulations of the environmental law of the Russian Federation;
  • using the methods of control and monitoring of the environment;
  • safe and rational treatment of wastes;
  • priority to preventive measures over remedial actions;
  • continuous improvement of green attitude.

Guided by the principles of the environmental policy, the company pursues the following objectives:

  • to minimize the negative impact on the environment in the process of cargo handling operations;
  • to implement the environmental safeguards;
  • to comply with the standards of quality of atmospheric air on the border of the sanitary protection zone.

SP SPb sets a range of safeguards to protect ambient air, soil and water resources: controls the compliance with the standards and requirements of environmental and sanitary law, monitors quality of the surface wastewaters and air, keeps record of the volumes of the wastes and the frequency of their removal, constructs local treatment facilities.

Air protection

SP SPb is constantly controlling composition and volumes of air emissions, monitoring air at the production areas and at the territories adjacent to the enterprise. Besides, amount of emissions from sources under control do not exceed maximum exposure limits.

Water protection

SP SPb constantly monitors the condition of water protection and shore areas. To decrease the adverse effect of discharge of sewage waters all the new facilities, which are constructed in the framework of development program of the company, are equipped by the local water treatment facilities.

Waste management

Operations of the port inevitably lead to generation of wastes. Thorough waste management allows to treat the wastes, which didn’t lose their consumption properties, rationally. It saves substantial funds for the company and minimizes damage to the environment.